How do I sell?

You have two options for selling your items: 

  1. You can list and sell your items yourself.
  2. You can work with one of our personal sellers, the Style Scouts (more info below), who will sell your items for you. 


What is the processing for listing items myself?

Once you click on Sell, you will be guided through the listing process. 


The following are a few additional steps you’ll want to cover before you list an item:

  1. Take detailed photos. A good basic listing includes front, back, any specific details to note, size tag, and any flaws (wash wear, fading, stains). You can also include props or backgrounds that set your shop apart. **Be sure to include any flaws in your photos so the buyer knows exactly what they are purchasing beforehand. We recommend taking multiple photos, editing as desired, then uploading the photos for each listing all at once.

  2. Weigh the item: Sellers are responsible for covering the cost of the shipping and therefore will need to include this amount in the total list price of the item. When listing an item, suggested shipping costs are provided based on the weight of the item. 
  3. Look over your items very carefully and disclose any unique qualities, flaws, or anything not otherwise obvious in your item’s description as well as in your photos. Include why you are listing your item in the condition you selected. You can’t be too cautious in your disclosures. Flaws include pilling or color fade of the fabric, writing on tags, holes, and stains.

  4. Judge the item’s condition thoughtfully and follow the following condition descriptions:
  • New with Tags (NWT) - tags from the original retailer are attached, item has never been used/worn and is free of defects.
  • New without Tags (NWOT) - tags from the original retailer have been removed, but the item has never been used/worn/altered or washed and is free of defects. Includes handmade items.
  • Excellent Used Condition (EUC) - item may have been lightly used/worn and must not have any signs of wear or defects which includes pilling, writing on labels (i.e. “This belongs to,” etc.), other defects. Like-new. 
  • Very Good Used Condition - item has been used/worn and has the following defects which must be disclosed in the item description: LIGHT wash wear (color fading and/or pilling) in clothing/textiles, minor scuffs from light wear on soles of shoes. Writing of any kind on both clothing/textiles and shoes.
  • Good Used Condition (GUC) - item has been used/worn and has the following defects which must be disclosed in the item description: MODERATE wash wear (color fading and/or pilling), minor stains (not visible to the naked eye), missing closures (buttons, snaps, etc.) that are not essential to functionality, scuffs throughout and visible heel wear on soles of shoes. Writing of any kind on both clothing/textiles and shoes.
  • Play Condition - item has been heavily used/worn and has the following defects which must be disclosed in the item description: heavy wash wear (color fade/pilling), heavy pilling, shrinkage, holes, tears, snags, heavy stains (visible to the naked eye), missing or broken closures (buttons, snaps, zippers) essential to functionality on clothing/textiles, major scuffs, scratches, stains, holes, tears, heavy wear on soles, missing or broken closures (laces, snaps, zippers, velcro), separating of shoe soles (i.e. sole splitting off from shoe). Writing of any kind on both clothing/textiles and shoes.

If you want all the tips and tricks on how to become a successful seller, we have you covered with our Seller Handbook.


What are some tips for photographing my items?

For anyone who wants to start selling (and gain sales and followers in the process) top pieces of advice are: choose a consistent and neutral background, take photos in bright, natural sunlight, use editing tools to subtly enhance them, and learn how to choose the right photos.


  • Choose a Neutral Background
    A good background is key! We’ve found that being consistent with it works best in creating a cohesive collection for your shop. We recommend using a white background, but whatever you choose just make sure it is neutral, neat, consistent, and allows you to photograph in good natural light. Another option is to use the app, PhotoRoom, which will remove the background from your image for you. 

  • Edit Your Photos
    There are a number of different photo editing apps you can use to enhance your photos. However, if you use an iPhone we have found simple adjustments in the iOS Photo app to be very effective! You can use these tools to brighten the photo up a bit and to lessen the shadows, which can make a world of difference.

  • Lighting Your Items
    Filtered natural lighting near a window always works best. But if you don’t have that option, make sure that you use lights that make the clothing look as close to what they are in real life so that the buyer can get an accurate view of what they might be buying!

  • Use Multiple Photos
    Finally, it’s always best to make sure to include several photos with each of my listings. These include, but are not limited to, close-ups of any special details or fabric, any flaws that need to be mentioned, and the tag for any special sizing or brand details.


How do I work with a Style Scout to sell for me?

In short, the Style Scouts serve as the local area representative for parents who have great merchandise, but don't want to list and sell it themselves. Services that the Scouts provide include:

  • Free in-home consultation to help determine which items to sell
  • Listing on Kidizen, including photographing the items
  • Management and promotion of listings
  • Shipping once the items sell
  • Scouts and their clients split the profits after the Kidizen fee and shipping costs are deducted.

Learn more about finding a Style Scout in your area here. Want to become a Style Scout? Learn more here


What is the return policy? 

All sales are final unless the item is not as described or is not received. Once a purchase is made, any requests to cancel an order that has not yet shipped is at the discretion of the seller. For shipped orders, both buyers and sellers are protected with every order with the Buyer and Seller Protection. Refunds may be issued in the following two scenarios:


The order is not received:

Buyers will receive a refund if their order was not shipped or if it did not arrive at its destination, but the refund must be requested within 90 days of purchase. If a seller does not ship an order or provide tracking information, a buyer is given the option to request a refund after 7 days (on day 8) by scrolling to the bottom of the Order Detail screen in the app. If the tracking number shows the order shipped, but did not arrive at its destination, Kidizen will cover the cost to refund the buyer if the shipping was purchased through Kidizen. If the shipping was purchased elsewhere, the seller is responsible for covering the refund. When the tracking number for the order shows that the order arrived at its destination, the buyer is responsible for contacting their post office and/or filing a police report (if theft is suspected). You can find more information on what to do if you do not receive your order here. Refunds requested after 90 days cannot be processed.


The order is not as described:

If the buyer receives an item that does not match the listing description or is sent the wrong item, we ask that the buyer first contact the seller so that the seller is given the opportunity to resolve the situation. Buyers are required to message the seller within 5 days of delivery if there is an issue with the order. If the seller is not able to provide an acceptable resolution, the buyer can contact Customer Support to open a Refund Claim. Items cannot be worn or altered in any way, which includes being laundered or stain treated. Refund claims based on odor can be opened only if the seller has a previous history of odor complaints. Odor is subjective and can vary by individual. 


When opening a Refund Claim please include the order number as well as photos and details about the issue. If the item is determined to be "not as described," the buyer will be issued a refund and the seller’s account will be debited for the refund amount. In the event that a refund is issued and the seller would like the item(s) returned, the seller will be responsible for paying the return shipping fee. The buyer will need to ship the item back within 5 days of receiving the return label, after which time the Refund Claim will be closed. All items that are returned must be in their original condition. 


If a buyer receives an order that fits the original listing description but is otherwise not satisfied with the purchase, we encourage the buyer to reach out to the seller. In this situation, a refund may be issued by the seller at the seller’s discretion, but it is not required. This also includes sizing issues since sizing varies between brands, within brands/certain lines and items, and if the item has been washed and dried (unless protocols were not followed on the garment care tag). If a buyer is unsure of how a brand fits, we highly recommend getting measurements from the seller. If the item is a replica or unbranded, it may be subject to a refund if sizing varies significantly from standard sizing. 


Returns and Seller Funds

In all return instances where the seller is responsible for funding the return amount, the seller's payment method will be charged if they do not have a sufficient available balance in their account.


All returns must be approved by either the seller or Kidizen. Items sent back without approval will not be refunded. If the return is approved, then the item will need to be shipped back to the seller within 5 days. 


What Seller Protection is offered?


Seller Protection

  • Shipping Label Insurance: When a seller purchases their shipping label through the site and the shipment is lost in transit, Kidizen will cover the costs of the refund to the buyer. The tracking number will need to show that the order was shipped (i.e. scanned by the post office) and that it was not delivered to its destination. The shipping label also must be unaltered. If the tracking shows the item arrived at its destination, then the buyer is responsible. If the seller purchases shipping on their own, then the seller will be responsible for contacting USPS (or other carrier they have used) and if deemed lost will need to provide a refund to the buyer. 
  • Dispute Mediation: Kidizen mediates disputes if the buyer feels that the items are not as described and the buyer and seller are not able to agree upon a solution. 
  • Fraud Protection: Kidizen closely tracks buyers who file multiple disputes in order to protect sellers from buyers who may attempt to file false claims in order to receive refunds.


How do I get a shipping label?

Once you make a sale, click on Orders under the Profile dropdown and go to the order detail for that order. From there, you can purchase a shipping label or enter a tracking number if you choose to purchase a label elsewhere. If you purchase a label through the Rewear site, the cost of the label will be deducted from your earnings for that order. Once purchased, the shipping label will be emailed to you and the tracking number will automatically be provided to the buyer and accessible on the order detail page. 


All labels purchased through the Rewear site can be dropped off in the drop bin at any Post Office, drop it in any USPS blue box, or you can schedule a pick up from USPS here


To maintain a positive shopping experience, we ask sellers to ship within 5 days after an order is placed, though we highly recommend shipping within 48 hours maximum for optimal customer satisfaction. After 7 days, a buyer has an option to request a refund. 

What is the marketplace fee?

A marketplace fee of 12% + .50 is deducted from a seller’s earnings for each transaction. If a label is purchased through the Rewear site, a portion of the fee is returned so that the fee is only taken from the listing price and not the amount the seller paid for shipping. 


How do I get paid?


When you make a sale, your funds will remain pending in your account until you ship the order. To see your account balance, go to Kid Bucks in your Profile dropdown.

Your next step is to purchase a shipping label (see above) or enter a tracking number, which you can do on the order detail page. Tracking must be entered and scanned by USPS within 7 days of the purchase date or the buyer can request a refund. Funds are released to the seller’s account once the tracking shows that the order has shipped. 

You can then use the funds in your account to make a purchase or you can cash out to either PayPal or a bank account. 

 For new accounts, there is a wait period of 72 hours from the time you create your account before you are able to cash out.


Do I need to worry about sales tax?

All sales tax will automatically be added to an order based on the following information: 

  • The type of item (clothing, books, toys, etc.)
  • Where the item is shipped TO
  • Where the item is shipped FROM

The sales tax that is collected from the buyer will be remitted to the appropriate state on your behalf, so no need to worry about filing sales tax returns! 


How do I refund an order?

As a seller, you have the option to issue a full or partial refund from the order detail page. Refunding the full amount before it ships will cancel the order, however it will remain in your sales history as a refunded order. Just be sure to let the buyer know the reason for the cancellation. 


How do I set my shop to Vacation Mode?

If you go to your Profile Settings, you’ll have the option to set your shop to Vacation Mode. When Vacation Mode is selected, your listings will be hidden and shoppers will not be able to purchase from you until you turn Vacation Mode off.