For anyone who wants to start selling (and gain sales and followers in the process) top pieces of advice are: choose a consistent and neutral background, take photos in bright, natural sunlight, use editing tools to subtly enhance them, and learn how to choose the right photos.


Choose a Neutral Background

A good background is key! We’ve found that being consistent with it works best in creating a cohesive collection for your shop. We recommend using a white background, but whatever you choose just make sure it is neutral, neat, consistent, and allows you to photograph in good natural light. Another option is to use the app, PhotoRoom, which will remove the background from your image for you. 


Edit Your Photos

There are a number of different photo editing apps you can use to enhance your photos. However, if you use an iPhone we have found simple adjustments in the iOS Photo app to be very effective! You can use these tools to brighten the photo up a bit and to lessen the shadows, which can make a world of difference.


Lighting Your Items

Filtered natural lighting near a window always works best. But if you don’t have that option, make sure that you use lights that make the clothing look as close to what they are in real life so that the buyer can get an accurate view of what they might be buying!


Use Multiple Photos

Finally, it’s always best to make sure to include several photos with each of my listings. These include, but are not limited to, close-ups of any special details or fabric, any flaws that need to be mentioned, and the tag for any special sizing or brand details.


For more tips on selling, visit our Seller Handbook.